Bennets Wallaby

Bennet Wallaby

Scientific name: Macropus rufogriseus


At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we have Bennet wallabies (also known as red-necked wallabies).

Like kangaroos, wallabies are part of the macropod family. However, as a general rule, wallabies are much smaller than kangaroos.

Wallabies give birth to live and relatively underdeveloped young. Immediately after birth, the tiny new-born wallaby crawls up its mother’s fur and into her pouch to feed. It latches onto the mother’s teat and stays there for the first few months of its life.

The baby wallaby (known as a joey) stays in its mother’s pouch for several months before coming out to begin eating grass and moving around. Joeys are not fully independent until they are over a year old.

Female wallabies are capable of producing different types of milk at the same time in order to provide for both new-born wallabies and older joeys who still feed occasionally.

Least Concern (Inc. Bar)
  1. At Noah's Ark...

    We have 5 Bennet Wallaby... Betty, Brenda, Wendy, Matilda and Wilbert.

  2. We live...

    On the hill, right of the entrance, behind the food barn.

  1. Size Fact

    A Wallaby's tail can grow up to 75cm long.

  2. Food Fact

    At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we feed our wallabies concentrate feed, browse, hay and vegetables.

  3. Fun Fact

    A group of wallabies is known as a court, a troupe or a mob.

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