South West Fairtrade Awards

The Food Barn at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm won a Silver Award at the South West Fairtrade Buisness Awards in March 2019.

Silver Award at the South West Fairtrade Buisness Awards 2019

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a global movement represented by the Fairtrade foundation in the UK. The Fairtrade foundation is an independent non-profit organisation. Fairtrade sets social, economic and environmental standards for companies, farmers and workers. Including protection of workers rights and the environment as well as ensuring payment of a minimum price for the product. All products that are Fairtrade certified carry the Fairtrade logo.

Why should you support Fairtrade?

  • There are more than 1.65 million farmers and workers in Fairtrade certified producer organisations.
  • There are Fairtrade organisations across Asia, South America, Australasia and Africa.
  • The Fairtrade Minimum Price ensures farmers are paid a fair wage and are able to become more self sufficient.
  • Fairtrade improves access to agricultural services like organic training and premium markets. As a result farmers have an incentive to farm better and sell more.
  • Additional income through the Fairtrade Premium is supporting better farming, strong cooperatives and investment in collective assets to improve crops and yields.
  • The Fairtrade Standards help to protect the environment. It covers greenhouse gas emission reduction, soil and water quality, pest management, biodiversity protection, prohibition of genetically modified organisms and harmful chemicals and waste management.
  • Fairtrade can provide access to finance, producer support and expertise in tackling climate change, supporting long-term environmental sustainability.
  • Fairtrade can support workers to realise their rights and negotiate the terms and conditions of their work through trade unions and collective bargaining.

Noah's Ark tries to source all of its products where possible from Fairtrade suppliers.

Our Fairtrade products include:

  • Master Roasters Fairtrade coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Juice Burst Fairtrade Orange and Apple juices
  • Litchfileds Fairtrade decaf and herbal teas and Fairtrade sugar sachets

Bristol is a Fairtrade City

Bristol has been a Fairtrade city since 2005, the Bristol Fairtrade Network helps to sustain and promote this. The network is made up of businesses, volunteers and organisations who work together to increase awareness and understanding in Bristol and further afield. As a local Tourist Attraction to Bristol and within the biggest zoo in the South West we strive to promote Fairtrade products within our catering outlets and our gift shop!

Visit the Bristol Fairtrade website